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RedShoe Technologies Inc. is a privately held technology Consulting firm, based out of Toronto Ontario, and Nelson B.C., Canada.

Lotus Notes Development
We specialize in system design and integration that taps into the true, and often unknown, power of the Lotus Notes & Domino architecture and the web. We design systems that push the capabilities of Notes and provide solutions that are often thought to be impossible. By fully understanding Lotus Notes and Domino, both it's strengths and it's weaknesses, we can quickly design fully functional, customizable, extendible, and of course user-friendly systems for almost any situation - including using Notes in some not-so-traditional ways, or in some cases, not at all!

Custom Development
We offer a wide range of custom development experience using various database technologies (Notes, MySQL, Access) as well as web infrastructures (Notes, PHP, ASP, Java) to help client see the full potential of existing investments, and new ventures

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RedShoe Technologies Inc.

711 Silica St.
Nelson, B.C.
V1L 4N3
ph. 250.509.0955

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